What is Cosmic Handmade?

If you are interested who and what Cosmic Handmade is, feel free to read about the site, the person behind this all and the birth ground of many happy little characters.

What can you find on this site? Pre-made or Custom made designs with an original and unique style to decorate your website, blog, email or for your personal craft projects. Additionally I offer a Webdesign service for small businesses.

About Caroline

If you see someone without a smile... give them yours!

Caroline Hofstede lives in the beautiful English Yorkshire Dales.

Although born and bred in The Netherlands she came to England in 1997 to share her life and dreams with a wonderful loving English man.

The desire to create has always been a part my life, inspired by my parents who were passionate about art in any form. Creating and expressing myself through various art forms is a huge desire and I draw or paint almost every day to satisfy this urge.

Mandala art was my first encounter with drawing and painting. This art form still enables me to express my most inner feelings, dreams and inspirations on a spiritual level. It is hard for me to imagine how life would be without my creativity.

"Cosmic Handmade was born in 2003, encouraged by many online friends to share my mousedrawn creations ..."

Cosmic Handmade was born in 2003, encouraged by many online friends to share my mousedrawn creations. Inspiration I find in daily life, which I always approach with a smile ... hence a touch of humour to many of the little characters.

Being a person with a positive attitude in life I aim to keep part of this website free for all. I believe that the first spark of the internet had openness and sharing in mind.

This is reflected in the non-profit section Care To Share ©, Linkware for the cause ©, which was born in 2002. With this I hope to achieve more awareness, kindness and support for people and animals in need. Part of the profit I make from selling my graphics is donated to good causes.

The internet is a powerful tool, we can share, care and support world wide. With sharing just that little bit more, we can do magic.